Personalized Family Sign - Large

Gingham Girls™

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Personalized Family Sign - Large
Personalized Family Sign - Large

PLEASE NOTE there is an approx 5 week wait on shipping time for these signs to be made.  If needed more urgent please let me know and depending on my waiting list I can let you know.

These signs make the perfect wedding gift, or a “just because” gift to yourself.

They are made out of locally milled macrocarpa and are purposely left to look rustic and full of character.  Each piece will have its own knots and cracks that all add to its authenticity.  I also distress lightly so it also adds to the character and no two signs will ever be the same.

    They are stained, painted and then finished with polyurethane.  (Please note the colour of our standard sign is black with an off-white for the surname)

    A wire hanging system is placed on the rear to ensure close hanging to the wall.

    Each sign is approximately 80cm x 75cm

    These signs are made to order and wait times will be usually between 3-4 weeks but please check as I usually can do them less depending on waiting list. 

    Please note that all items are handmade and hand painted by me.  This means that they are perfectly imperfect but also one of a kind!!!


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